Better Body Management

The complete personal fitness system
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Websites

Client Brief

Starting a new business without a true identity can be difficult when asking customers to spend with you, so First4Websites worked closely with Better Body Management from the outset to understand the business, its aims and how it should be seen.

We were asked to develop a brand that would reinforce the company’s strengths and values, whilst staying true to the industry. Phase 2 was to design and build a website where users could book training courses online and Better Body Management could add course dates each month and maintain a popular blog.


Logo Design & Branding

After conducting much qualitative research both on the business itself and it’s place within the health and fitness industry, First4Websites began by designing numerous different concepts to begin the branding process.

Taking into account information given in interviews with Better Body Management First4Websites had to take care not to wrongly represent Better Body Management as a gym or fitness centre. This was done by avoiding any harsh, aggressive colour schemes and aesthetics whilst maintaining a gender neutral visual identity.

brand guidelines

One of the key concepts in the final visual identity design was the recurring motif of triangles and angular forms where no two divisions are in parallel and the point of convergence is off-page. This subtly connotes the idea of; improvement, peaks, direction, action, improvement and growth. While more explicitly suggesting the trinity concept of the Structure, Chemical and Mental components of the body working in harmony toward a healthy lifestyle.

The colour scheme was chosen to reinforce the more scientific and educational aspects of the business yet also being friendly and approachable.

a branded company tshirt

Responsive Website Design & Development

After completing the branding process and providing Better Body Management with various printed material, First4Websites designed and developed a fully responsive website with the purpose of booking places on courses conducted by Better Body Management.

One important outcome was the the website reflected and  complimented the established brand.

Animated mockup of home page shown on an imac.